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Revolutionizing Retirement Planning

Lead Generation: Achieving 8X Cheaper Cost Per Lead


An individual operating a financial advisory firm specializing in retirement planning using Wealthbox.


The client aimed to enhance lead generation efficiency while reducing advertising costs. Goals included increasing the number of leads seeking retirement planning services and witnessing tangible improvements within three months.


Challenges included an inadequate website setup for lead attraction, absence of a concise marketing strategy, lack of specific tactics for generating interest, and insufficient market research on potential clients.


The strategy involved using HubSpot Creating compelling online ads and social media content. Developing targeted lead magnets and landing pages. Deploying email marketing campaigns for lead conversion. Conducting website enhancement, audience, and competitor analysis. Continuously testing and optimizing lead generation strategies.


Continuous monitoring and analysis involved: Regular assessment of lead generation metrics. A/B testing for ad creatives, landing pages, and email campaigns. Analysis of audience engagement data for refining targeting and messaging.


Increasing Visibility:

  • Launched paid ad campaigns to enhance visibility.

Capturing Interest:

  • Tailored ad content and lead magnets to captivate potential clients.

Driving Action:

  • Encouraged sign-ups through compelling incentives and messaging.

Facilitating Enrollment:

  • Utilized email marketing campaigns to drive conversions.

Cultivating Loyalty:

  • Maintained engagement through newsletters, webinars, and support.


Achieved a 3X

increase in leads in the 1st month.

Realized a 3X

increase in conversion rate in 5 months.

Witnessed a 9X

increase in leads in the 5th month.


Client Feedback:

"I am thrilled with the outcomes achieved through the lead generation strategies implemented. The significant increase in leads and conversions has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to further optimizing my lead generation efforts with continued collaboration."


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