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Sustainable Home Goods Revolution

From $25,000 to $145,000 in 5 Months!


E-commerce Platform for Sustainable Home Goods using Meta Ads.


The client aimed to scale its e-commerce platform specializing in sustainable home goods. Objectives included increasing sales, improving customer retention, and solidifying the brand's position in the eco-friendly home goods market.


The platform faced challenges such as limited brand visibility, high bounce rates, and low conversion rates. Additionally, there was a lack of cohesive branding and marketing strategies tailored to the target audience interested in sustainable living.


To overcome the identified hurdles, I initiated a comprehensive approach using Meta Ads. This involved revamping the platform's branding and user experience to resonate with eco-conscious consumers. Simultaneously, I devised a strategic marketing plan to target individuals seeking sustainable home goods.


Thorough market research was conducted to understand the preferences of eco-conscious consumers, analyze competitor offerings, and identify effective advertising channels. This analysis guided the development of a strategic marketing plan aimed at maximizing sales and brand loyalty.

Branding Enhancement

  • Revamped the platform’s branding to emphasize sustainability and eco-friendliness, creating a cohesive brand identity that resonated with the target audience.

Strategic Marketing Development

  • Developed a detailed marketing plan based on market research findings, emphasizing eco-friendly social media platforms, and partnerships with environmental organizations.

Creating Essential Assets

  • Established social media accounts, produced eco-friendly advertising assets, and launched email campaigns targeting environmentally conscious consumers.


  • Launched traffic and awareness campaigns, testing various advertising platforms and content types to optimize engagement and conversion.


  • Rolled out targeted campaigns to generate awareness, interest, and intent among potential customers, leveraging sustainability-focused content and partnerships.


$25,000 Sales

in the 1st month

$62,000 Sales

in the 3rd month

$145,000 Sales

in the 5th month


Client Feedback:

"The impact of our service provider's strategic approach was exceptional. Our platform experienced substantial growth in sales and brand recognition within the sustainable home goods market. Their expertise in branding and marketing strategies has elevated our platform to a leading position in eco-friendly consumer goods."


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